No matter why you started your business, or how deep your pockets were, how many years you have in the business, or how many current customers you have, expansion is always on your mind. Even if this expansion is basically staying the size you are, you are always thinking “How can I get more customers.”

You are probably a good salesman, you know your business model, how it fits into the industry, and why prospects need it. You still need to fill the ‘funnel’. To have enough interested parties to gradually grow your sales, and ensure that you continue to make those customers life-long fans. Even if your service in one that only has occasional use from it’s customers, you need to keep them thinking about you. The answer is marketing, but hardly anyone has the tools to do this.

After years working in various industries in Marketing, I have started to write about some simple hints to help you succeed. It isn’t tough, it is simply ‘setting the table’ for your sales. Knowledge is what is required, as well as listening to your audience and seeing how you can impact their lives or businesses, or both.

You have this knowledge, and you don’t need to expand into a marketing department, yet. Use what is out there for you already, and have fun with your business. Hopefully these posts will help you see your business in a different way, and offer some ideas on how to grow it through marketing. You are the one that knows your business best, so use that knowledge, and market it. I hope that it helps.

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