Is it time to tear up that long term Marketing Plan?

DigitalMarketing-DuringCOVID19We are in unprecedented times. How can a simple Marketer do anything to help their business, customers and Prospects during a global pandemic? Is there really any point in carrying on? Yes. The World needs you, now, more than ever. While it’s easy to look at the current situation that the global business world is in and lose hope, here are some different ways to look at the job you are doing now and what to do next.

Firstly, tear up the long term marketing plan you made, because things are going change – even more so than they have already. ‘Things’ will not be back to normal for a very long time, but your contacts are still interested in their business and industry. They are still concerned about how they can carry on, so help them.

Firstly, plan on the end of COVID-19 around August 2020. There is no way around this: Also plan on hundreds of thousands of people out of work, and thousands of businesses no longer existing and a long-lasting global recession. How can you still add value to people’s lives under these conditions?

Now, what worked for you last winter and what didn’t? Concentrate on the fundamentals that gave you the most success, be they in measurable such as shares, contacts, replies or page views, or what you were doing in the weeks leading up to surges in new interest or a whole new batch of semi-warm interest in your business. The answers to these questions will benefit you two-fold; it will give you a skeleton marketing plan for next Winter featuring items that worked and will also test your creativity in coming up with new messaging that complements these ‘Greatest Hits’. You also have time to check back to previous years to add even more data to this task, as well as to see what needs updating.

So, you may ask, what about the Summer of 2020, what can I possibly do, now, when we don’t know what exactly will happen, or even if we will still be working?

Well, everyone in your current customer, supplier and prospect lists is in exactly the same position. Everyone is looking for information. Now is your opportunity to help them. Keep on posting, keep on investigating the state of your industry during the Pandemic and how what you are doing will help them when things get back to a more regular working atmosphere. How to find out? Check out Google Trends and LinkedIn to find out what your contacts are interested in, right now. When things get back to normal, everyone will remember those that kept on helping out during these dark days.

Spring is always a good time for SEO ‘Spring Cleaning’, anyway. The busy Fall/Winter Sales time is over, so what has changed in your messaging? How were Sales impacted by your short and long term campaigns? Should there be changes to your website, or other ingrained marketing practices that you have always wanted to investigate changing, but never had the time to get round to? Now is the perfect time to look at bold new strategies that will help your company out in the future.

Above all, keep your messaging positive. There is enough bad news around, so give your readers uplifting material devoid of rumour and gossip. Double check your facts through reputable sources before using other writer’s information and be a trusted source. Don’t plagiarize others and pass these writings off as yours. It will be remembered, as your readers have more time to research now. Be the expert in what you know and your readers will trust you more when it comes time to buy from you or your company.

These two campaign construction and management ideas will get you through this uncertain time, and the ‘whole new business world’ to come. Remember, everyone needs you, so don’t desert them now.

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