You’re not alone…But it is all about you.

Image result for small business owners speaking in publicIt is a well-known axiom that speaking in public is the one thing that most people fear – sometimes it beats other more obvious fears that include pain and injury – but as a small business owner, you are going to have to do it. We don’t mean talking to a packed auditorium from a stage via a microphone. That is a skill that you can learn, but you are better leaving that to the Professionals if you haven’t had specific training for it. How about through a much smaller-scale event? Do your palms get sweaty and does your stomach start to churn at the thought of attending a face-to-face business networking function or meet up?  More people than not still don’t feel comfortable speaking to strangers, or even meeting new people.

But why does that happen? After all, don’t we speak to strangers every day of our lives? Gas station attendants, people in elevators, the Postman? Perhaps it isn’t the same thing? At a networking function we’re meeting people who could be a potential business connection that can help us grow our business — via a joint venture, as a connector to a key prospect, or as a customer.  If you are someone that feels that don’t like to sell, it can lead to a nerve wracking and uncomfortable situation. Try turning this around to your advantage. The key thing to remember here is that a networking event is not about selling. Let everyone else talk about their business. Your concentration should be on something else entirely – building mutually beneficial relationships with other people. Once you shift your thinking that makes the entire event a whole lot easier to handle. How do you turn this around?

In today’s world, almost everyone is an entrepreneur. It has never been easier to discover a niche, and open a small business serving others in no time at all. The more knowledge that everyone gets about their business, the more capable we all become. You can find them online without even picking up a phone. You are capable, in your business field. Of course, the more capable you become, the more questions you will face. You have to get noticed, you have to inform people why you are capable, and why they should pay what you are asking. All of this is information – information that you have to hand and can be called upon to speak about. We have spoken about your uniqueness before: The thing, or things, that set you apart from your competition, and an easier fit with possible clientele. Your uniqueness goes further however:

You have a set of life experiences that are different than other peoples. The same can be said about your personality, your mind, the way that you solve problems, and the set of business contacts you already have. It doesn’t matter if you have a product that is similar to others, when looked upon as a set of personality traits you are completely unique from everyone else in your competition.

So, not only are you capable, you are a professional, and unique. You are looking for other people like that. The only way that you can find them is to meet them – a Google search, or a cold call isn’t going to help you in this search, because you don’t have the opportunity to converse with people.

Go and find people that may help your business, and you can, in turn, help them. Doesn’t that sound like an interesting conversation? If you add the fact that you may find out some more interesting information on how you can make your business more successful, doesn’t this sound like a ‘must do’?

Don’t be worried about talking to others, become the kind of interesting entrepreneur that people want to talk to. Don’t sell, ask questions, and get answers. Before long you will be running short of business cards, and will be looking forward to your next networking event.

You will also become more relaxed about talking in public – after all, you are talking about yourself and your business – and let everyone else be nervous about this. You are your own best salesman, but this can be achieved without having to ‘close the deal’ every time you open your mouth.

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2 responses to “You’re not alone…But it is all about you.”

  1. Wally Kralik says :

    Steve, good advice, I have been in MLM for 20 plus years and my business dramatically changed when I asked about their needs and wants and tactfully offered solutions to their problems.

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