2019 Business Online Marketing Trends


No, I haven’t forgotten what year it is. I saved one of those “Crystal Ball’ articles a year ago stating the Top 5 Business Marketing Trends for 2019 for comparison purposes as to what actually happened within the year. The note I made next to it was ‘No, No, NO…Be A Real Person’, so I revisited it this week to see what that actually meant.

The major audience for this blog is the same as my clientele in the Real World – small businesses not accustomed to marketing for their business and leveraging simple online tools to grow their businesses’ footprint. I realized that the article in question was aimed at larger companies, perhaps with a Marketing Department, and they fell into some of the traps I council against, straight away. Mainly not to sacrifice the actual work you do within advertising and become inauthentic.

Larger companies in any business space have the luxury of buying tools that automate what they do to ensure they Tweet (for instance) 18 times per day, because everyone else is doing it. This may be fine for these large companies, but – as a small business owner – it doesn’t do you much good, and I’ll explain why.

Articles such as this one may make you question what and how you are doing things, but there is confusion around ‘What To Do’ and ‘How To Do It.’ Take Video for instance. Having a suite of videos to creatively show who you are and what you do can be a great marketing tool, because it graphically shows your Services or Goods and introduces you to people that may not notice you anywhere else. They may also be a wonderful sales tool when added to your website.

However, if you are in competition with large multi-national, big box stores that also use video, you don’t want to come off as cheap or amateur made. These guys will have Video departments manned by experts with access to actors, music and state-of the-art editing capabilities. If you can’t compete with that, then I would always suggest staying away from video. We have all seen TV advertising for small, neighbourhood businesses and those made by huge companies. The local Furniture store’s ad pales in comparison, and suffers in the process.

The question, therefore, of what do I need, should be answered by ‘What Can I do Well?’, and what shows your business in the best possible light. Our ‘Top 5 trends’ article mentioned Artificial Intelligence (Siri?), Voice Search and Automated Marketing along with Video but do you really need these?

The most important part of your messages is you. The authentic, real you that people want to meet. That takes time to care about his community and is in business to help, not to make money. Being authentic is the most important part of your marketing, be it online or in person. The question isn’t ‘What should I be doing’, it is ‘Am I Marketing with an authentic voice?’  Those 18 tweets per day obviously aren’t being published by a local business, they don’t have time. You will post something of interest to your Prospect Marketplace and use your own voice to do so.

Of course, the greatest lesson you can learn about these kinds of aggregate posts is that people read them. My job is this blog, so by seeing this article last year, saving it, referring to it, linking to it here , is all an SEO exercise that helps my ranking – it isn’t something that will help your business – however it’s a great way to blog. What are the Top Trends for your business in 2020?

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