Getting the Word out – Part Two


In Part One of this post, I showed how being included in online posts by journalists can help your business, your SEO figures, their viewing figures (So they will return to you for even more views in the future) and your own prospects’ marketing efforts.

When you extend a welcome to those that write for your industry to print your answers to their questions, you are not only gaining a friend, you are offering assistance, promotion and information to them. You are also recruiting a specialist to help you out with your own outreach: Definitely a ‘Win, Win’ situation for all.

So, once again, this is a year’s end thanks to everyone for reaching out to me and including my ideas into their posts. Here are some more ideas from the last year – I hope that your small business marketing can benefit from the following. The over-riding theme this month is creative Social Media hacks:

Instagram Hashtag Marketing:

“Hashtags can be easily tracked for popularity, just as individuals can. In fact, many influential posters rely on the same hashtags, so you can also track down those you want to be associated with via their hashtags. There are online tools available (for all platforms, not just Instagram) that help you find new hashtags, and track your current hashtags. In addition to showing important hashtag data, these tools help you find the best possible hashtags for your text and images.”

Examples of creative use of Facebook for Small Business Marketing:

“Although it’s obvious, my favorite is still ‘How much is your House Worth?’ complemented by a picture of your local city. It fulfills the marketing line of making something look free, that will offer value to you, will have a good value proposal, and even makes you feel safe enough to add your zip/postcode on the next landing page. It’s only after that you realize that this is simply outreach from a local Realtor trawling for information and introductions: Very clever.”

Social Media for small Businesses:

“Position yourself as an expert in your niche. Drill down to what your history shows you are best at and what your prospects want. You can then concentrate on that within your prospect/customer community. Use social media to show you are part of your community, are a real person, and that your knowledge can help your prospects’ lives.”

Content Marketing Hacks:

“Zero in on what you do best, what has been most profitable for you in the past, and build the persona of a ‘perfect client’. Then market to them, directly. Marketing is an ongoing exercise, so ensure that your content speaks to that Perfect Customer, and show how you can fill their possible future needs better than your competition.”

A New Year – and Decade – beckons. If you have reached this section of the post, I wanted to wish you even more success in 2020 and I hope that the ideas I’ve shared over 2019 have been useful for you. If you have enjoyed these posts, or have any feedback on how you have used these tips, please let me know. I would love to print them in a future post.

Of course, I’ll also be linking back to your own businesses’ website, so you can get some more of that good old ‘Google Juice’ that this blog benefits from by answering these reporter’s questions!

Have a great Festive Season !

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