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The BEST tool you have to get new Customers – Old Customers


Sometimes, it is the smallest actions that can lead to the largest changes in business.

At some point your customer comes face-to-face with your company, and you need to know how that interaction will go, before you start signing up customers. The smallest action you can do in your business is simply ‘do what you did last time.’ If this is easy, makes you money, and makes a customer happy, this is a win, win for everyone. If there is a flaw in that system, you need to clean up the mess before it becomes endemic, and you start doing the wrong things to customers – even accidentally. This has to be remembered when you are marketing for your small business.

We all know someone who is a fan of a company; someone that is forever talking about this place’s prices, or service, or how they go ‘above and beyond’. These people are “Evangelists”, and Word-Of-Mouth evangelism is an unpaid marketing force that people believe. After all, these people aren’t paid, and they have faced the same choices that others in their place have at some point. Whenever shoppers find themselves in that place, they remember the trustworthy advice given to them by someone that didn’t have to say it. They then shop there, too, to put that trustworthy experience to their own litmus test. Can you imagine what power you would have in your business pleased people so much that they sent you extra business at no cost to you?

Whenever someone buys from you, they should go straight to the top of your Loyalty charts – what they want in the future shouldn’t be limited by anything other than “They liked it before, they will like it again.”  There shouldn’t be anything internally in your business that stops them getting what they want a second time, after becoming a partner with you. They will tell other people, and the snowball will grow.

Too many companies these days have complex loyalty systems that mean more money for them, rather than keeping the customer happy. Whatever it costs you to retain that client, it will gain additional customers. Can we quantify this? Yes. The Harvard Business Report released a report in 2014 that I will never forget. It stated that decreasing customer churn by just 5% can grow profits by between 25% and 125% .

That is a powerful financial argument for not only keeping your current customers happy, but also putting in place policies and systems that mean your customer is treated as they wish throughout the transaction process, and they are rewarded for it. If you have those systems in place when you are signing up a small amount of customers, that process will earn you much more as your sign-up process really ramps up. The myriad of possible customer problems in the future can be handled now; when the task is smaller and more easily handled. So, put these policies in place at your business, and see how large your customer base becomes from this one, small task.