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Getting the Word Out – Part One

Getting the Word OutEveryone loves listening to an expert speak. In the small business world, everyone suffers from the fear that they don’t know enough to challenge other, larger, more sophisticated competitors in their field; “They are larger, more established, more profitable, how can I possibly contend with them?”

The same is true of your Prospect Marketplace. Everyone is looking for the right information at the right time. It is your outreach that answers these questions for them. If you are a ‘small fish’, you can grow your size by offering information that no-one else is doing. Don’t question who will be listening, but rather drive their interest by highlighting what you do better than anyone else.

By way of illustration, and as a Thank You to my own industry partners, here are the questions I have answered about Small Business Marketing over the last 12 months that have been published in Influencer articles. The reasons for doing this are many fold:

  1. I have been included by Industry Leaders in their professional field. This makes me an expert.
  2. By re-printing their address, I am extending the life of my post and sharing their address. This is the perfect Thank You.
  3. By adding links in my blog post, I am strengthening my site’s SEO, because all of these links match my industry and prospect marketplace.
  4. I am offering information that my Prospect Marketplace can use.

When you extend a welcome to those that write for your industry to print your answers to their questions, you are not only gaining a friend, you are offering assistance, promotion and information to them. You are also recruiting a specialist to help you out with your own outreach: Definitely a ‘Win, Win’ situation for all.

So thanks for including my answers to your questions, and I hope that the following short tips are helpful to everyone reading:

Small Business Marketing :

“Digital marketing is a wonderful, cost effective way to market a SME business, but writing about how good your goods and services are simply isn’t enough to engage people. The challenge for many small businesses is to ‘open themselves up’ to their prospect marketplace and highlight their authenticity as a business. People buy from people, not simply for deals, so becoming an active part of your community is very important.”

Your Businesses Mission Statement  :

Develop a new (or updated) mission statement. “Too many sales reps and business owners are consumed with the everyday realities of how to get the next sale, how to get through this quarter, and how to do this or that, all without giving much thought to the long-term. One way to avoid this trap is by knowing—and living by—your mission statement. If you already have one, dust it off and make sure it still represents your brand, who you are, and where you’re headed. If you don’t have a mission, then it’s time to develop one. “In order to start putting the right message out there for customers, you have to start at square one. Think about what your company does, what it does better than anyone else, and why customers should work with you for the long-term. That’s your mission statement.”

Earning your Customer’s Trust :

Small Businesses — and especially startups — have to address the trust gap: Why should you, as a small company, be trusted more than other companies?

For many Home Service companies, this is complicated by having to put prospects’ minds at rest about inviting you into their homes. I always suggest that small businesses highlight their differences from the bigger, ‘industry leaders’, and ‘being just around the corner’ can work for you. However, ensure to add some details about your trustworthiness — such as testimonials about how clean, efficient and sympathetic you are while in people’s homes — so that you stand out from the competition, and make your prospect’s ‘Value Decision’ easier.

Marketing Tools for All:

Add a Video :

You have the opportunity to add a video to your Google My Business listing, add your videos to YouTube channel and link them to GMB. As this is a Google property, you will get extra benefits from using it!

Tags :

Pairing investment tracking with UTM tags and asking customers where they heard of you: The time costs and possible advertising costs should be reflected in eventual sales. Ask your customers where they saw your posts, and ensure that any organic posts are directed at your prospect marketplace. Tag each weblink with a suffix so that you can see how many hits your posts get, what type of posts are the most popular, and who retains the information.

Google Alerts :

Google Alerts are a very valuable resource. Delivered free to your e-mail inbox every day, you can read and understand more about breaking news, fashions and trends in your given industry.

Don’t forget to visit these great sites to learn even more about how to successfully market your small business – there are some great tips in each one. Part Two of this Thank You is coming up. Hope you also find that instructive.