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The Secrets to Successful Social Media Marketing

Gas StationPerhaps the most important ‘Five W’s’ journalists are always taught to ask questions about, are Who and Where? This is especially true where Social media is concerned – because of entrepreneurs’ basic misunderstanding about their marketing. The concept of your product or service being known by as many possible purchasers as possible is a very worthy target. The thought that there are so many people on line, that there is a probability that many more people will see your marketing appears to be a logical step. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Imagine that you are a Gas station in a small, rural village. You aren’t on a highway, or even a major busy road. The vast majority of your business comes from locals when they pass your pumps. The marketing you do is face-to-face with the same people every week. Looking at the prospect of running a gas station on a busy down-town street in a city, you salivate at the thought of the heavy traffic that will pass your station every hour of every day. You believe that, because there are more cars, there will be more business. This is wrong. You think that you can market the same way. This also is wrong. You don’t have time to talk to drivers as you used to. They are impatient to get back on the road. Your marketing now has to be seen from a distance, and your prospects are strangers. How can you stop them gassing up close to home, and see you on their way through the rush hour? Has your clientele changed? Are they now truck drivers?

Who and Where changes your business marketing, and online Social Media Marketing offers you a multi-pronged approach to do this. Unfortunately this goes right over a lot of people’s heads. Most Entrepreneurs have been taught that everything they do surrounding their business should be about marketing and advertising. How can you take this thought process and translate it to social media, and Who are you actually marketing to? The locals in the cars you usually see, or a constant stream of strangers in trucks?

Firstly, remove the bulletin board mentality from your social media efforts. This is not about advertising or one-line promotion. Social media is about building relationships! If you want to blog, a successful blogger not only shares good information but they also reciprocate and communicate well with others. This same kind of interaction should also take place at other networks as well whether it is WhatsApp?, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. Here, even if you are a company, you are saying things that people want to hear, and you want to attract the right kind of people. These are those that understand and want to hear your message, will pass it on to others. Likewise, you have to be interested in them, and want to read and share their ideas and messages. So, now you know what you are promoting and how, who are the people you are talking to?

Firstly, identify exactly who your customer or client is, then focus exclusively on them. Then take a closer look at the other community members that you are close to, and identify those contacts as someone you would like to get closer to in a business sense. In order for your marketing to work, you need to determine exactly who you want to provide products or services to. These people are your insiders. They are the ones you need to focus all your time and effort on. They are the people you need to have in mind, whenever you make a marketing decision. Don’t think of trying to please all of the people, all of the time, but hone your messages down to those that would be interested, and those that interest you. If someone doesn’t live close to your gas station, or who need your gas when they are passing your station, then why are you talking to them? It’s great if they are receiving your messages from a trusted contact of theirs, but their relationship is different to yours.

So, use your prospect’s language, and write with them in mind. Study what matters to them, and ‘be where they are’. If you know problems that they are experiencing, how did you – or would you – get over them? Most of all become an expert in your field to all of these people. They will all become contacts, if you do, and your creative online writing will make you more attractive. They will look forward to what you are writing, and help you share that message. It’s a massively more effective way to grow your business than the vague alternative that most of your competition is doing.