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Top Ten Twitter Tips

My-Top-10-Twitter-Tips-for-BloggersBeginners to Social Marketing often overlook Twitter, dismissing it as too ‘short hand’. This is wrong on a number of levels. For instance, if you can teach yourself to cut down on your marketing verbiage to the point where you are promoting your message in 280 characters, you are on the way to making your own one-line slogans for branding purposes; a very important – and marketable – talent. However, Twitter is also a great way to connect with other businesses, followers and industries that you are involved with.  It’s an excellent way to engage audiences about upcoming promotions and events, in a ‘headline’ kind of way, and colour your observations. You should, therefore optimize the way that you utilize this tool, and be ready to use it in various ways to make everything an introduction that leads readers to a deeper meaning via an attached document. Here are the Top 10 tips to bear in mind when you want to use Twitter to spread your message:

  1. it’s not ‘All Business’. Tweet daily, if you wish, but it’s not all about you. It’s about your prospect marketplace, and it’s about people. As a rule of thumb, tweet about your business about one-third of the time. For the rest, talk about you, your people, share informative information: Give before you take. The more you interact with others, the more you will gain from your Twitter experience, and your prospects.
  2. Keep your tweets upbeat and informative. Everyone is online to escape their day.
  3. When is it too much? If you are tweeting multiple times per day (and you will find lots of material to do so within a few days.), know when you are going overboard. A sudden drop in interaction will show you where you are going wrong.
  4. Jump on Relevant Trending Topics. A simple way to get started is to join in on trending topics. Take a look at the trending topics on Twitter, which typically have an accompanying hashtags. Then join in on the conversations when it’s relevant.
  5. Be an Industry Resource. Show that you are an expert in your field, by sharing popular information from other sources. Your followers will appreciate your expertise more than note who your competitor’s tweets come from.
  6. Use Analytics. Your Twitter account comes with its own analytics display, so get accustomed to checking this to find the most popular tweets, and note how you can grow your interactions to other subjects.
  7. Don’t copy what other brands are doing. The major business plus of Social Media is that you can tell your own stories. Don’t get lazy and simply copy what another business is doing because it gets lots of likes and re-tweets. Let these successes inspire you to tell your own message to differentiate you from others.
  8. Be You. Just like the last point, don’t try to be something you are not and make sure your marketplace understands what you are saying. See the chart below fromSprout Social for frequent negative reviews about what Brands do to turn people off. Be open, positive, don’t try to entertain, and don’t be too ‘inside’ with jargon and slang.graph-annoying-actions@2x-19. Be Professional. This is a business marketing avenue. By all means connect your own twitter feed to your Businesses, and highlight your people but don’t turn it into a personal account. Work-Life balance works online, too. You are here to talk about your business, not your own life.

    10. Remember that everything you tweet is public! Think first, and if you have the slightest worry about your content – don’t do it. Don’t get into arguments, and remember the old saying about polite conversation: It doesn’t involve politics, religion, or sexuality.

Twitter is very simple to use, and is an extremely fast, immediate way to find people, and engage them in conversations.  Unlike Facebook, every person with a Twitter profile is public and reachable.   The possibilities are really endless.  You can use Twitter to reach out to people you admire, show appreciation for a service you use, connect with people you’re attending an event with or just start the conversation yourself!  You will soon get into the swing of multiple tweets per day, and you’ll soon see how those 280 characters will do wonders for your business messaging.