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But I don’t know how to write ‘Copy’ – Part Two

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Following the feedback I received after publishing Part One of “How To Write Copy”, I thought it best to get back to it as soon as possible, and offer another list of tips. These may be a little more advanced than the original list I offered but, according to the messages I have received, many of you have already made it through the first list – or perhaps you use those guidelines on a daily basis already. Whatever the reason, here are some more points to ponder. Of course, as always, have fun with it! You can always tell the Sales Copy that was fun to come up with – it shines in the prose. See if you can have fun with these ideas:

  1. Overwhelm with Testimonials.

Why does Social Marketing work? Because people see what their friends like, and that makes them want to try it, too. They trust other user’s advice. So get as many testimonials as you can: The more specific, of course, the more convincing. In short, deliver proof that your claim is for real.

  1. Remove the Risk!

Give a guarantee that something works. Less than 2% of your customers will ever ask for their money back, so offering a guarantee is a safe risk. We have all seen the thirty day challenge, when most customers are so busy, they don’t remember to ask for their refund. The fact that you are offering to pay their money back makes you successful.

  1. Ask for the Order.

Too much copy these days never asks anyone to buy anything. Sales copy should SELL, so remember your target point. What do you want them to do: Buy, sign up, or subscribe? Ask the reader to do it! Use a coupon as a way to signal readers that you want their business and to remind yourself to always ask for the order (or at least to ask people to contact you or remember you).

  1. Use Magic Words.

There are certain words which have been proven to help get attention. If you just string these words together, they sound like fluff. But weave them into your sentences, along with your facts, and they become powerful:

Announcing, astonishing, exciting, exclusive, fantastic, fascinating, first, free, guaranteed, incredible, initial, improved, love, limited offer, powerful, phenomenal, revealing, revolutionary, special, successful, super, time-sensitive, unique, urgent, wonderful, you, breakthrough, introducing, new, and how-to.

And consider the connotations of the words you use: workshop sounds like hard work while seminar sounds easier. Read sounds hard while look over sounds easy. Write sounds difficult while jot down sounds easy. Be aware of the psychological implications of the words and phrases you use. How words sound and look are just as important as what they mean.

  1. Get Pumped Up!

Show your excitement for your product: If you aren’t pumped up about it, why not? Enthusiasm sells. This should be important to you. Look at successful TV Ads, and how actors portray everyday essential products with such glee and excitement. It works for viewers that instinctively like these people more, because of how they look, and what they say. Your copy should act the same way.

  1. Rewrite and Test Ruthlessly.

Test. Test. Test. A change of one word can increase response 250%. Most copy isn’t written in one day, it is a work in progress. You have to write, rewrite, edit, rewrite, test, and test again. And record how business looks with each ad. Run two concurrently, so that you can A/B test.

Just as all fish aren’t attracted by the same bait, there is no single Ad that works for everyone. You should educate yourself on what works for you, when, and keep on testing.

  1. State a Believable Deadline.

Most people won’t take any immediate action unless there is a sound reason to do so. Deadlines help, as long as your deadline sounds credible. Don’t put multiple dates into an ad or offer, either. It will confuse your audience. Be wary about what you want the reader to do and stick to that one thing, Make it easier for them to do!

  1. Instantaneous Satisfaction!

Everything should be nearly instantaneous because we want instant gratification. Toll-free numbers and e-mail addresses help. If you’re marketing on the Web, include a link or a “Buy Now” button that makes it easy for your readers to order. If it’s easy for them to hit a button, it’s easy for them to enjoy your product faster. Is this your product?

  1. Sincerity Sells.

Don’t offer fluff, mislead, or lie to your prospects. Tell them the truth. While rarely done, it actually helps sales to admit a weakness or a fault. Tell the truth in a fascinating way, as a story or a moral. People like to be entertained, but keep it honest and useful, and they will love you for it.

  1. Copy your copy from the Best.

What are your favorite ads? Why? Look at them from a distance, and try to figure out what hit’s your buttons. The fact is, these ads were designed to do just that so they are working. Why not copy them in the terms of the points above, and see how your product looks in others’ eyes?

BONUS TIP: The Easiest Way to Write Anything

After you have decided what you want to accomplish with your writing, and you have completed your research, then write in 33-minute non-stop blasts. Then take a 10-minute breather, do some push-ups, get some air, dance, drink some coffee. Then write in another 33-minute spurt. This helps your left and right sides of your brain work in harmony. It’s true – compare the results of the two ‘spurts’ and they will appear different!