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Blocked while Blogging? Here’s how to get out of it.

Writers-BlockEarlier this year, I offered “6 tips for the perfect blog post“. However, there will be times when – despite the hints of lay out and content given in this post – you won’t know what to write. Everyone goes through it, despite your best efforts, the dreaded ‘writer’s block’ hits you and you can’t think of a single topic for your business blog. Here’s a list of ideas to fall back on.

Customer success stories.

Has someone told you how your good or service has made a positive impact on them or their life? Write about it to help others.

Industry tips.

You are part of an industry, so what have you discovered lately about that industry. Search for already printed bulletins from larger suppliers, or economic circles, and describe how it could affect your future. Don’t forget to thank the original writer and give them a link.

New products/services.

Are you planning an upgrade, or a new product? Tell everyone about it as a ‘sneak preview’.

Upcoming small business events.

Even if it’s just a Sale, write about it. In fact, if someone else is reaching out, share the news and look like a supporter to your community.

Customer feedback.

You can generate real customer comments about the industry in general. It could be useful for your prospects, and makes you look as if you care about customers and their observations to others.

Educate Your Customers.

Do your prospects truly understand how your product should be used or enjoyed? Take the opportunity to educate them, without selling them. This kind of free instruction places you as an expert, and someone that goes the extra mile for your prospects.

“Warning” Posts.

Is the World of prospects going to change because of something that is happening in your industry? Perhaps you can see the ‘Big Picture’, and help them to look ahead?

Related interests.

Spread the word about the world at large as it is affected by your product. Business tools, for instance, can relate to automation in the office, or freeing up employees’ time. Stepping away from your own product occasionally to look at the world at large reminds your prospects to do the same.

Product explanations.

What are the nuts and bolts of your business, your product, why you are here? Explain in detail how it comes together, and where it is from. The logic behind your businesses’ process will show what you do from a different angle.

Even with all of the writing you are doing on an ongoing basis, we all face a blank wall sometimes. Use one or more of these ideas to enliven your Businesses’ story, and get the word out to your prospects from a different angle.

Try them out and let me know your Successes !