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Social Media Re-Visited

social_media_marketingWhen you have reached the point where your small business marketing is a daily practice, it is normal to think occasionally, what this extra work is getting you? You are spending an hour or two online tweeting, posting and linking in. Perhaps you have gotten used to blogging on a regular basis, but are you seeing any interest for the work you are doing? It’s worth reminding yourself why from time to time, so here are some facts and figures for you.

Without online marketing, how were businesses marketed? A sign over the door for your store-front? Perhaps some local newspaper advertising? These methods and others need time to work. Everyone thinks differently, and your special offer may only resonate with them when they require your service or product – timing, truly, is everything. How many people every day walk past that store-front? How many people are seeing or hearing your ad? You never really had a clue, but hoped that whoever did walk into your business were, at least in part, thanks to your advertising. So, who online is interested in you?

A reminder that your links are a concrete reminder if who is sharing your material. Check your website’s Alexa details to find out who that is. By being active as a real person on Social Media, and putting yourself front and centre, with your business message in the background, you are inviting people to learn more. We all enjoy watching interviews with movie and rock stars on TV. We know they are going to plug their new movie, book, or album, but we are more interested in them as a person, and their thoughts on various issues. This is what you are achieving with Social media marketing. So, are your customers or prospects on line? Well…Over 70% of all internet users are on Social media, and over 80% of people between the ages of 18 and 50 are posting, and almost three-quarters of these access social media from a mobile device. We would say, yes – they are there. So what are they doing?

On Facebook alone, almost a quarter of these people log in over 5 times a day, over one million pages online feature a Facebook Log In button, and almost half of these visitors say that Facebook is the top influencer of their purchasing habits. Twitters has over 200 million global active users – and more than double this figure in registered users. In the two years after 2012, its user numbers grew by over 40%.

Google+ may be ‘late to the party’, but thanks to its Google connection it already boasts almost 400 million monthly users and is growing by a third per year. Those over 45 years of age have increased by over half in the last two years. We all love great visuals and graphic images. This is proven by the fact that You Tube (Attention! Google Connection!) has over 1 Billion active monthly users, Pinterest boasts over 20 million, and Instagram gets more than 150 Million monthly users.

Be yourself online and find people and companies like yours. You prospects are probably online, in your area, and looking at what you are doing. Time a cut-price or Sale event to each one of these platforms and see who is ready to buy now. This is what you are doing online every day or week, and you need to continue it.