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Use Big Business Branding for your Small Business Pt 2.

Marketing ChannelsIn our last post on Big Business Branding for small companies, we asked you to research your UVP (Unique Value Proposal), your current and future audience, and how you can solve their problems. Matching the answers to these questions to your Marketing Content, you now need to find the best ways to reach your audience; both existing customers and prospects.

Marketing Channels

What channels do your prospects use, and how can you get to them? What is the use of creating an incredible content and not have it seen? By finding out if it’s local print, TV and Radio, online, or ‘billboards’ in public signage, how do they find you? Spend your budget getting to your prospects in the areas they will see you easiest.

Even if they prefer sourcing and buying via referral, listen to what people are saying and where they are saying it. You will have to streamline your content to be broadcast over the channels that consistently bring you new people. Above all, remember that it not just “You are there and you are done with it”; you have to live there, you have to contribute, monitor, respond, and build trust. You have to make sure are along with them always.

Online this will mean the right web content, optimized for the right Search Engines, updated often, and always tailored to your audience and prospects. You can add Blog posts, Video and audio, updates, breaking news, pictures, and honest company news. Social media is great for this – get to the people that will require you in the future, interest them, and keep in touch.

Offline, this means understanding your prospect community and being a part of it: Charity events, seminars, and workshops. Sponsor other events, get to your audience where they live and work. Keep in mind that you have to solve the problem or you are just empty vessel making noise.


How do you know if your branding campaigns are working? You need to monitor and measure your results. This isn’t so much setting goals, as understanding what analytics you are using, and growing them. If something isn’t working, find out why and move to others, or change your message.

Do your live events attract people? Has your website increased its traffic size? Do your social platforms show an increase in followers? Does your Newsletter or E-mail marketing show a larger and larger audience, or response rate?

So originate some rules for yourself to constantly monitor your Branding efforts: Look at your target audience. Is it right? Does your message match it? Have you found your Ideal Customer? Does your content excite these people? Does it change, and is it updated often enough? Does it match your marketing channels, and is it being received?

Your written material could be the greatest Ad Copy ever, but if it doesn’t match the channel you are using, it is useless. Look at the market leaders in your industry, and parse what they are saying, and where.

Finally, test out different messages on different platforms in different ways at different times of the year, to find out which ones work best, to whom, at what time, and through which avenue. It’s only when you find out the best possible match between Prospect pool, message and channel that you will truly discover the best message – and THAT is your brand.