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Keyword Listening – Predict the Future, and Sell your Business

keyword-research-toolsHow can you become a trusted information source? Or, become one of those bloggers that appear to know trends before anyone else?  How do they get their information? If you are trying to become a source of new information for online prospects, then you have to say something that no-one else knows – or hasn’t figured out yet. Try a neat trick called Keyword Listening.

Keyword Listening is a buzzword or phrase that suddenly becomes hot, and everyone wants to coat-tail onto its popularity. It could be predictable, like time of year, or a sudden pop-culture phenomenon (Remember Tebow-ing?), that turns into a trend.

If you think that something has legs, grab that keyword for your website before anyone else does and the stampede turns up its competition, and its cost. Adding these organically into your articles and blogs will rank your site higher because there is little or no competition, and when everyone catches up, you will remain on top because you have been there the longest

Predicting keyword interest is more than staring into a crystal ball. Make it part of your daily marketing background work to add such trends into a Word document or spreadsheet. If they have anything to do with your niche, you want to be on top of it. If you come up with an elegant way to harness a cultural point with or business, then save it. Right now, Hurricanes threaten the Caribbean and the US’s Southern coast. In turn, this has heightened interest in everyone’s safety from sudden, destructive natural phenomena. Is there a way that you can utilize your business messages into that? The key is to get your version of the keyword out in public as soon as you can.

See what I did, there? I already know the trend, and have added it into my blog post – and into my keywords when I post it.

However, don’t rely on anyone else to tell you what is trending, because if you can read it, others will, too. Try to get in when there is a dip (before a keyword is in demand) by using ‘Google Trends’ to gauge the ongoing popularity of a keyword over time:

Subscribe to a wide variety of news and social outlets, and follow your audience. Are they thinking about the economy, finance, etc., and will these subjects impact your niche?  If your audience wants something (e.g., answers, solutions, products, services, etc.), someone is going to eventually deliver it. What is your audience asking? Check their questions for keywords and provide answers.
Spot buzzwords and use them before they’re hot and you’ll capitalize on the traffic wave as they start to become more widely used. Target both long and short-tail keywords for the trend. As the trend begins, search users may not know exactly what they’re looking for yet and benefit from short-tail keywords. As the trend heats up, your audience will branch out to more specific queries and your long-tail keywords will garner more interest.

It’s all to do with listening and realising that if two people are talking about something, and it has been on TV, others are about to start, too.