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What the Hashtag is this? Part One

hashtagIf you are confused by the entire ‘Hashtag’ culture of tagging pictures and quotes online in order to promote yourself, you can help your business by thinking more about them than simply casually plugging them into your tweets and posts. Purposeful hashtag marketing can boost impressions, make your content more searchable and encourage users to talk about your brand.

A great resource to investigate is . With this tool you can not only find hashtags that are already in use, but also find the most popular ones online, both overall, and in business niches.

Chances are that you want to steer clear of the ‘Branded Hashtags’ that the giant companies’ marketing campaigns use, unless you feel that you can use it to promote your own business successfully. While you can piggyback on all well-known hashtag phrases, this won’t guarantee a big following.  However, you can use your own branded message to promote your own brand. As with all marketing, it is best to create your own then see how you can leverage what is already online. Let’s look at an example:

If you own a small shoe store in Fort Worth, you can market on Social Media by highlighting who you are what you do and where you do business. When starting Pinterest or Instagram campaigns, for instance – great ways to show graphic attractive representations of your goods or services, a couple of checks through Top Hashtags show you more creative marketing options.

Entering Top ‘shoes’ requests for hashtags, show the following post numbers:

1 #shoes 58.36M  2 #flatshoes 3.798M    3 #instashoes 3.121M    4#newshoes 2.184M

5 #flatshoesmurah 1.969M    6 #shoestagram 1.858M    7#shoesoftheday 1.498M

8#nikeshoes 1.370M

Obviously, if you stock Flat Shoes (Or have a special price on them for a while.), or Nike Shoes, you have a built in global audience for them. #ShoesOfTheDay would be very cool ‘loss leaders’ for driving interest to your other stock.  Instagram-only special pricing would be a great fit for both #Instashoes and #Shoestagram hashtags. Whichever ways you want to use these figures, you can see the benefit of using these hashtags instead of a brand tag that you create. How about the city where you are doing business?

Top ‘Fort Worth’ hashtags along with post Numbers:

1 #forth 45.34K 2 #worth 789.2K

Obviously, these figures are much smaller, but definitely show some interest in the area where you are doing business. You could add one of the Shoes result hashtags from above to one of these to grow your local audience. Additionally, by looking at the top 10 hashtags overall, you can find some very interesting ideas:

1 #love 1.069B   2 #instagood 584.5M   3 #photooftheday 414.0M

4 #beautiful 384.9M   5 #fashion 375.0M   6 #tbt 369.8M 7 #happy 366.6M

8 #cute 363.1M   9 #followme 334.7M   10 #like4like 323.9M

Obviously, any combination of three hashtags from these lists has some incredible numbers attached to them.  ‘Cute Shoes in Worth’ garners built-in interest figures of almost 500 million posts, boosting your geographic prospect area’s numbers. Just 1% of these along with an engaging picture and copy would result in some great visitor figures, and possible store visits.

Encourage your followers to use them as well. This way, they’ll have a clear method of sharing posts with you and others interested in your company’s products or services. The online community will also know how to find content about your brand.

This is really just scratching the surface of Hashtag Marketing. In the post, we’ll be addressing some more ideas on how you can spread the word about your business using the ubiquitous hashtag.