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“And the Envelope goes to…….?”

oscarIts Movie award time of the year again. Whether you are fan of Hollywood or movies as a whole doesn’t really matter in January and February, because many millions of people get their thrills from seeing the famous and talented on TV, almost as if they have dressed up especially for the viewer. This is the kind of thrill your business copywriting should give to people. A chance to get them into your article by the headline, and the first paragraph. Dress it up for them!

Here are some more tips to ensure that your article makes the most of its time on the Internet’s “Red Carpet”.

Offer the big promise and then clearly deliver

Your headline will be the first thing the subscriber sees, and this is your chance to catch their eye. You want to make a promise that will compel them to read your article. It needs to be sexy, like the opening monologue to the award show – who is it, and what are they going to say?

If you are going to use an offer, let them know what it is, don’t hint:

“Get Free Shipping” is way better than “Look in here for a special gift.” People like free and, the word Get or Getting is extremely important psychologically. It even outperforms exact figures such as percentages (Now, 10% off!). It looks like the reader is so close to receiving something, it’s just a matter of reaching their hand out, and it is theirs.

Avoid lengthy paragraphs

Staring at a huge block of text can be very intimidating. It looks like work.

Don’t make reading your articles look or feel like a chore. Break paragraphs up into something easy to digest and scan quickly if needed. This is the equivalent of showing off in that little cocktail dress, instead of the poor men that have to ‘tuxedo it up’

Write for your readers and address their wants and needs

You have an idea of your perfect customer, and prospect. Write for them, and them alone. When a popular actor gets his or her award, they thank everyone that knows them – everyone in their immediate circle. This is what your writing is doing for your prospects: Write for them, and make them feel as if you are interested in their interests.

Make sure everything is clean and easy to read

Use bullet points and headings so that everyone can see what is coming up, and know what to expect. Look at those clips from movies that are about to be awarded. These are bullet points, and they are repeated every time – even though, by the third time of seeing a clip, we know the movie itself. It’s a way of cutting through the chatter, and focusing your audience’s attention.

Be consistent

If you make a point, follow through with it. Don’t change your style, or your subject half-way through. I’m sure the best director would love to tell a global audience about the movie he is working on now, or the deal he’s just struck for next year’s movie, but they don’t – the subject at hand is celebration, and the work that he may have last seen six months prior. Stick to what you are saying in the way that you are saying it: Familiarity is comforting.

So, how did this article get its genesis point? The articles I have written for beginners in the business copy writing field have been popular, but I felt as if I needed a different hook for this one. By listening to what is hot today, even though I’m not a fan of award shows and do my best to avoid them, I know how much of a hot subject it is for many people. It is that opening paragraph and the headline that will get then into this article – even though it is about something else entirely!