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Turning website traffic into Customers

web-trafficIf you are enjoying a well-placed website with a lot of visitors, it’s time to capture them and keep in touch with them. Picture yourself in a small time shop front business: There are hundreds of people that enter the store ‘ just to browse’, but they never stay to buy. They walk around and pick things up, but never stay. Why?

If I am simply waiting for a specific time, for a meeting, or am simply hiding from the weather outside, I always go into small stores like this. I do it to engage my mind in something, to see what kind of in-store marketing businesses are doing, and to kill a few minutes rather than just hanging around outside, looking suspicious. If I am asked whether I need assistance, I’m always honest about the reasons for my visit, so that the hard-working staff know that they can leave me and move on to someone who may be buying. In other words, I am the typical web visitor. Occasionally, a forward thinking shop staff will see what I am looking at, and say: “That’s at a special price today, because of (insert reason).” That’s thinking, because they want to know what I’m interested in. This is what you want your site to do; to separate the browsers from the shoppers, and find out what the interest level is, and in what.

Add a ‘Contact Us’ button. It’s a CTA (A Call-To-Action) that isn’t too pressurizing, and doesn’t add to much worry to the browser. They know that they can always unsubscribe from any service, and they can sift through the offers that you send them at their own speed, without being cornered into making a decision.

A good tip here is to purchase an automated mail system where you can enter a raft of e-mail messages, and send them information. They are very inexpensive to get into, and you can choose what bells and whistles you need. Now you can send out information about your company to those that have shown an interest: Not every day, but enough for them to keep you and their initial interest in mind. You can copy them on highlights of your latest blog post, or send them special offers that aren’t on your site. Whatever you feel will keep them engaged in your Company’s story. You can even send periodic/seasonal “feel good” emails – like Happy Holidays from…or Happy Valentines day from…and add your little spin to it . Even if only 10% of these contacts buy from you, the chances of them becoming long-term, multiple purchasers are very good. You can then think of new or better ‘Fanzone’ specials for these extra special customers.

If your site isn’t getting visitors, re-design it to cater to your Ideal Customer’s profile. If you are getting visitors, but too high of a ‘Bounce Rate’, re-design your landing page to entice closer inspection. If your Call To Action isn’t working, try different designs and strength of invitation. However, if you are getting interest from your ‘Contact Us’ button, use what you can from your ongoing writings to ensure those visitors remain with you, and shop from you, often.