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Make the most of your businesses’ Holiday season

holiday-shoppingNow that Halloween is behind us, it won’t be long before US Thanksgiving celebrations, Black Friday/Cyber Monday online sales, and then Christmas. Of course, New Year is only a few days after that, so it’s time to start thinking about the exciting Holiday Marketing you need for your business. If you haven’t started planning these campaigns, yet,  and there isn’t time for separate, unique six-week ad campaigns that have proven useful for companies  for the festive season, you may want to think of an overarching idea ‘The Holidays’, namely November through February. If it’s too early to think about Christmas for you, it isn’t for your business, so here’s five tips on readying your businesses’ online holiday campaigning.

1.        ‘Click to Call’ tools

Get them to come to you: A ‘click through’ button on your website allows your prospects to see something they like on your website, and contact you directly with a question. Once they know they can reach you, you become approachable, friendly, and someone they would like to start a relationship with. In turn this makes them more open to receiving advertising from you.

There are plenty of tools for this, and to ensure that your company can do this on a regular basis, why not start at the beginning of the Holiday season? You can plan the staffing of the phones for business hours, set up a return call system for outside hours, and promoting this service gives you an additional ‘touch point’ with the fans you have already. It may teach you things that you need for times outside of the holidays.

Customers and prospects are usually busy themselves at this time of year, so you can open up a stress-saving avenue for contact with them. They will always pass on good news to others!

2.        Search Functionality.

If Prospects and customers cannot find what they want on your site in a short search time, they will give up and go somewhere else. Use your site analytics to find out where people go, which pages they land on, visit, and bounce from. These metrics will show you patterns of use that will give you clues on what is not working. If you are the type of business looking to use the holidays for sales or advertising and want to highlight different or new items and services, make sure that all pages showcase your business as best they can, and offer functionality. Now is the time to re-design to answer the questions these analytics results bring up. In turn, you may find places that need re-design to seamlessly loop this process site-wide.

3.        Add some video

It is by far the best teaching tool, is the most popular among visitors, and can be the most effective: is it time for a festive video presentation, or tour through the site? Get your gatekeeper to front it, and – when they answer the phone – they will be recognized.

4.        Related Content

Do your pages lead to the next right page? Is there a clue that your Analytics can give you as to how people navigate your site? Perhaps some well-placed teasers, directions, or offers would both strengthen those ‘tours’, and bring weaker ones up to that strength? This is not a case of more links, but rather stronger ‘suggestive’ items as to where to go next. This drives traffic to the warmest and coolest areas of your business, based on actual customer ‘tours’.

5.        Strengthen the customer engagement.

Make sure that you have an easy-to-navigate map of your site, ask for feedback, and advice, and always measure your engagement. The Holidays are a great time to do that, because you may be highlighting Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing day, New Year, and Valentine’s day special attractions. If the next time you take a breath will be in late February, have your specials lined up, and signpost them correctly. Then, take note of visitor feedback (Both on your site, and through contact), to find out what you can do better for the rest of the year.

This means that this time, next year, your site will be more ready for business, your advertising will change to reflect and point out these changes, your customer and prospect engagement will increase, and a glimpse inside your current and future customers will be much stronger.

Always look at advertising changes as another way to engage with both customers and prospects. If this time of year is your busy time, listen to what people are saying about you during the holiday period, and make changes based on this conversation. In turn this will keep people on our site longer, and lead to more committed evangelists as well as more newcomers interested in what you do.