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Good Morning. What’s your First Task of the Day?


Yes, I know – put the coffee on. Or something like that. Now…concentrate.

The first thing I do is post my ‘morning thought’. This is the one that I have picked up from the latest trends across my social media platforms: In the business world in general this means LinkedIn for headlines, I glance through Twitter and, for fun (Fun is important in the Business World), check on Google+. I have started using Hootsuite, now, so I can post my thought across all of these platforms with one post. There, now I have just ‘touched’ over 200,000 people. I hope that it was a good post!!

Posting this way shows that I’m a real person that thinks of other things outside of my business model. This means that when I do post about my company it is at least tolerated by everyone, and may well mean some interest in my business page. In turn this means more clicks and higher ranking for my website, putting it closer to the number one position in ‘Search’, where people actively looking for my services will find me easier.

My second job is to write a blog, and post it on a couple of sites that are in my business niche. Of course, I include a link to my site within that post so that more people can find me if they are interested. Now, I like to be left alone when I’m writing like this, but you may find it better to break and look after other tasks while you are doing this. It all depends on the type of person that you are. By tying myself to these daily rituals, I find that after 60 – 90 minutes, I have done more advertising for my brand than most businesses have done in a week.

I even get to the office early to ensure that I’m left alone and can concentrate on this. Strangely, I have received more cold calls concerning my services at work since I have started working this way, and interest is growing. I have even come up with a questionnaire that I can e-mail to prospects that – when returned – gives me  a clearer picture of what these prospects are looking for. All from some creative writing first thing in the morning! By 10.00a.m.  I am ready to get on with the rest of my day.

OK, this isn’t for everyone, I know. So if you feel that this is a stretch for your writing skills (By the way, I had no idea where this post was going when I opened up my Blog file. This is simply, I find, a case of paying attention to what is going on around you.), do 4 things to your Facebook profile. It takes you a couple of minutes, gets you into the habit of writing something, and may whet your appetite for more.

What happened yesterday to your business, or in your industry, or in the neighbourhood? If you can’t think of something, Post pictures, links, articles relating to your business, or any interesting events or activity your business is involved in. It doesn’t matter what it is. If you know something that someone else doesn’t, it will find an audience. Just Post It!

I answer every question I am asked online, thank people for stopping in, or at a minimum, click like on others’ comments.  I want them to engage in further conversation.  None of us likes to be ignored, so respond to those that took the time, and keep the conversation going…


Check out Facebook insights, and Twitter Analytics. These features allows you to track the results of your page, as well as the results of every post you make.  Use Insights to learn what type of posts people enjoy, comment on, and engage in, and how their reception changes over time.
Use Facebook Ads. You can budget a tiny amount per day, and bid on the amount of money you spend on each ad.  You can run ads for several of my pages, and Facebook will allow you to track the results of each ad.  Tracking the results allows me to improve on my ads.  The better the content of the ad, the more exposure they bring my page.

You have spent thirty minutes on Social Media, and have engaged with people that know you, as well as people that may become prospects. You have also had some fun. OK, time for coffee!