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What is my first step?

businessman-A reply to a recent post online stated a major business problem that we sometimes overlook: “All of these detailed plans are very good, but how do I start out? What is my first step in marketing a small business?”

While we specialize in opening the online world to small businesses, how to actually start one week before opening your doors is an overlooked Marketing exercise that we sometimes overlook.

Firstly, do you know your audience? I am amazed by the amount of store-front businesses opening in my small town every time that I walk along its streets. How come I didn’t know about this opening, or this store? Your opening is a massive event, because you are introducing shoppers to a whole new experience, a completely different array of stuff that they may need. A sign in the front window saying: “We are new!” isn’t enough. How do people find out that you are about to open? The answer here is a choice: You will spend money on marketing, or you will spend a lot of time outside of your businesses’ opening making sure that your future audience knows that you are opening. Don’t rely on them to find you as part of a regular shopping trip…make sure they are there to see you, to spend time, to make a decision to buy. You have to get to them to let them know that you are holding an event for them.

Do you know who your audience is? Is it primarily female, or Boomers? Is it for people of a certain salary group, or for people that belong to a community other than your geographical one? Do you have a business plan in mind that states what lines you have now, how you are going to expand, and what you are going to use to continually create interest in your business within your chosen communities? Are you seasonal, and know how you are going to entice people into your business in 3 months, 6 months, a year? OK, now put those facts together in a list: I am selling this to these people. Now go and find them. Are they online or off? Are they local, or will they have to travel somehow to get to you. Where can you find them? Of course, a website is the perfect way to share what you are trying to say, to tell the story, show prospects where you are, who you are and how to get to you. You can think of possible objections to them visiting you, and deal with those ahead of time. But this is only good if your Ideal Customer is actually online to see them. How about these ideas, while you are adding to, or designing, your website:

Flyers are a good way to get business for a local service and we have all seen others who have had success with this. Leaving them up with your phone number on the bottom and then cut into slices so people can grab one and then placing them around at local coffee shops etc.

Physical networking definitely helps you to get seen by local government, merchant associations, and regular everyday customers. Local print advertising could be expensive, but if your local paper has a reader profile that matches your ideal customer, you can get a deal to advertise over a 6 or 8 month period that satisfies your ongoing advertising needs, and the costs would be more gentle. Of course having your web details on your advertising, allows prospects to see you ‘at a glance’, then investigate you more at their own pace.

Once you have a plan, a customer profile, and an ongoing investment (in money or time.) outline, you will be better placed to succeed than others, whose ego is the only thing they rely on for success.