Your Facebook profile….Five minutes…more prospects

facebook logoSo, does social marketing really work? Give yourself 5 minutes with your Facebook profile, and find out how your own marketing can grow visitors to your business. Everyone in your office has their own personal Facebook page. Why not take advantage of the time they spend on it during working hours?

Of course, you may be a little more protective of your brand, so if you want to try this out yourself first, then you can decide whether or not to extend this facility to the rest of the office.

OK, here we go: Open up your Facebook page, and go to home. There is a small menu underneath that button on the right hand side of the page including the ubiquitous ‘More’ command. Choose this, and then select ‘Create A Page’. All of the instructions given there show you how to set up an entirely new business page for your business. You get to add the correct script, add the pictures you want, and start your own business profile.  What’s more, you can connect your personal profile to that business one, and your entire circle of ‘friends’ can now access your business for its daily or weekly updates.

When people want to learn more about you, chances are they end up on your “personal” profile rather than your “business page.” This is because you are using Facebook as Your Personal Profile, however, when you change this setting, you get more people directed to your Business Page with one simple click.

What better way to promote your brand (especially as a small business) as the person that runs the business – a real, live person. Prospects enjoy this. We have all shared the frustration of being shepherded through an automated system, when all you want is an answer. Here is a perfect moment to say: “This is us, and we are here to help.”, and to do so in a social setting, rather than ‘your own turf.’ A contact page on a company website still means that the prospect has to cope to you, whereas the social profile you publish allows you to go to the prospect in their ‘living room’, to be less intimidating and more approachable.

To grow your businesses’ marketing, have your entire office ‘like’ your business. When they do – and if you trust them – you can make them Administrators of your business site. This means that whenever anyone in the office has a business post to make: “Hey, looks like Mr. and Mrs. Jones are going to move to the Highlands area, after all”, it can be posted on their personal and your company’s page. Image five people each having twenty friends. Now, over 100 people can see your businesses’ update, and that could spread ever wider, faster, and in a friendlier fashion than you could ever hope for. All with Facebook!


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