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Fresh ways to look at Successful Social Marketing

social mediaWhen do you count your Social Media marketing as ‘paying off’, or ‘successful’? Is there such a point? Is there a future when you imagine that it just ‘runs on remote control’, and becomes its own person, when prospects engage as if by magic, and then turn into customers at an ever-increasing rate? It sounds wonderful, but did you really think that your marketing would become this? If so, then you haven’t yet figured out how it all works. There will never be a threshold point when it takes off on its own, and you don’t have to do anything but monitor it. There won’t be a point when your Marketing efforts have become automatic, and successful. So, why do people think of it as ever complete? As if the number of followers you have, or shares, likes and re-tweets you gave received have reached some point of critical mass that will magically turn into more profit for the company?

Instead of looking for benchmarks, check out what you are doing on an ongoing basis. Here are a few points that will guide you to look at Social Marketing in a different light. Not as individual rain drops that can be measured, but rather as an ongoing rain deluge that you need to see through. By approaching your daily marketing efforts this way, you will be able to be more successful on an ongoing basis.

Don’t rush your efforts: there isn’t a time limit in place for you to achieve something with your marketing. It is an ongoing daily process that requires creativity, energy and time. When you are contributing to a community, it has to be valuable, and place you as an expert on the subject. If it doesn’t, then why are you posting at all? Be productive when posting overall, because if you are just ‘spinning your wheels’, it will be noticed by everyone. Be a real person, care about who you are connected to, don’t waste their time, and post quality, rather than being a daily poster of background noise. Always give your readers a chance to talk back to you, to share, to post, to comment. If you are untouchable, no-one will follow you. Take your time to get to know someone, and invite, then respond to, their conversations. Here are some more points to ensure you are using your time to its fullest.

Be adaptable. What is hot today, isn’t tomorrow, so ensure you are always educating yourself about new trends. Most people don’t, so it’s the Number One way of becoming an expert. If you engage someone, both of you should get something from that relationship. If you don’t, or if your engagements don’t lead to anything, then you are doing something wrong, and you should change it as soon as you can. Always use Graphics, pictures and video if you can. Some old sayings have value, and: “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.”, is a famous paradigm for a reason. Finally, be patient. You can’t achieve everything in one day, but you can add to your efforts, making every day another brick in the wall.