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What will move your business branding in 2016?

Crystal BallIt is the time of year, when everyone appears to run their ‘best of’ or highlights of the year just gone. Of course, this allows you to see how things changed over the last 12 months, but how about using the movements we have seen in a particular area (Social Media branding in this case.), and use them to predict what will probably happen in the upcoming 12 months?

Of course, we leave ourselves open to ridicule a year from now when these things don’t appear, but we are sure that, based on recent movements in the small business branding area, you will see at least some of the following changes online. You can do no harm by preparing yourself for what may happen – if you are wrong, you will only overshoot what is happening. In each case, it means a ‘win, win’ situation for your small business.

Content Marketing grows in importance. Salaries, expenses, and profit continue to be aimed at – and derived from – quality, original content to ensure that businesses are heard above the ‘cybernoise’ of the internet. Ensure that your content continues to show you in the best light.

Parsing Data. The more marketing there is online, the more data Search Engines can collect and show you about exactly what kind of engagements your business is getting. Data levels of engagement can be further mined to show exactly what prospects are finding interesting about you, and driving down the cost of customer acquisition. Pay what you need to get hold of more and more data.

More of the same? The amount of low quality, low interest, cookie-cutter information will continue to grow, and the Search Engines will continue to grow their filtering algorithms to ensure that only the best-of-the-best get higher rankings. Stay on that High Road, and create content, don’t be lazy.

Guest posting drops. As soon as Google stated that Guest Blogging is a great way to get links, the market exploded. The obvious reaction to this is the number of sites that will no longer accept them. Wean yourself from Guest posting.

More High-end Videos. Video exploded a couple of years ago. The amount of upgrades now being adopted by marketers to their video presentations, such as graphics, High Definition, animation, etc. mean that the more creative marketers will do whatever they can to imaginatively use video: Be one of these, and graphically show hoe you can help your clientele.

An Acquisition market. Over the last few years, start-ups in the online world have not only continued to be bought by big players, the rate of acquisition continues to grow. Nowadays, it is the way that the marketplace is diversifying. We believe that more acquisitions will take place in 2015, and so if you see a start up with a clever marketing idea, add it to your branding avenues. The chance that it will be swallowed by a big name is very high and, as an early adopter, your rep. will grow after acquisition.

There may be more headlines to share as we move further into the New Year, but we think that these are the base line in continuing internet branding. Be on the front line of marketing, and ensure that you are compliant with these predictions. It will lead to a happy and profitable New Year.