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What Time of Day do you Engage?


Of course, everyone involved in online marketing now know that any successful ongoing campaign includes a heavy Social engagement quotient. However, content isn’t the only consideration to keep in mind. Timing is almost equally as important. In cementing your existing circle of friends and ensuring the largest amount of prospects possible also get your message, knowing when to post can be as important as your message.

Imagine leaving the office block where you may work, looking to stand on the street directly outside your front door, and giving away flyers. Not so long ago, this was the major avenue to get new interest in your special offers. Nowadays, we don’t see it too often, because Social media has transplanted the ‘face-to-face’ direct marketing that a flyer giveaway (for instance) achieved.

If you decided to offer a flyer giveaway, when would you do it? At 8.30 a.m. during the rush? How about 4.30 p.m.? No – while there are definitely people around and a busy time of day, no-one would be interested in grabbing a flyer from you when they are thinking of other things: Either the day’s work to come, or what needs to be dine at home that evening. You would choose lunchtime. It’s a very busy time, and people would be more interested in getting new information. The same is true with your online marketing. When is the busiest time of day, and when will people be more open to hearing your offers?

Thanks t the amount of data available, now, from online social sites, you can find these times. They differ from each other, but – when put together – they are a fascinating look at people’s habits, and when you can get to the majority of them.


This platform enjoys the most traffic for shares, when the workday requires a break. For clicks and shares locally 1.00 p.m., and 3.00 p.m. Engagement rates are also almost 20 percent higher on Thursdays and Fridays, so afternoons toward th end of the work week will get you the most possible engagement.


Obviously, the engagement on this platform is much shorter than others. The time it takes to read, share, reply, or tweet takes a lot less time than other online social activities. With Twitter, think about what you are posting, and if it be accessed and understood quickly. However, weekends are still busier by over 30 percent than weekdays and Mondays to Fridays see more lunchtime traffic (Local times for each time zone, obviously.) than others. The best possible online visibility times here can be almost 20 minutes, so imagine how many people you can reach with the right information.


Strangely, this platform is busiest on weekday mornings than at any other time. Does your business offer anything to people that engage with others during these hours? In fact, midweek mornings are busier than any other times, so 9.00 a.m. Wednesday is the best time to be on here.


This Business to Business platform shows a different demographic: Just before and after the regular working day are the best times to unveil new content. Perhaps business owners and marketers are checking for the new trends and offers just before and after the working day? Aim for 7.00 a.m.  and 5.00pm to 6.00pm are the best times to connect, however, make sure your content matches what people are looking for.

Of course, in all cases, you have to give your different audiences what they want. With the same message being delivered with different marketing ideas, you need to be fast, creative, and aware of the time of day that your audience is waiting for you. Perhaps it is time to investigate the value of an online posting and scheduling service – especially if you are aiming at a particular geographic area remote form yours – such as a franchising service looking to open new markets.

Of course, you also need to know if there are better times suited for your specific audience. When do they reply to you, share, and retweet? Your own analytics matter just as much as the general timelines for these social platforms and others. This is meant as a guideline only, but should give you the opportunity to correctly plan your marketing and branding efforts.