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10 SEO techniques for Local Businesses – Part 1

SEO logoEven if you are a small business, trying to connect to a smaller, local community, SEO not only still matters, it is imperative that you maximize the way that your site is seen by prospects. In larger arena’s, industry leaders pay a lot for full time marketing departments and outside agencies to ensure that their message is heard above the clutter, and rank as best as possible. Is this required in a smaller, more local marketplace? Yes – in fact it’s even more important.

Start-ups and those companies that don’t either have a handle on web marketing, or don’t have the funds to do so, are more likely to let these things slip, and find they have a harder job catching up to the rest of the marketplace later on. Other local businesses are part of multi-national concerns that rely on centralised web marketing launching their sites to huge visitorship figures, leveraging all stores in the chain’s visits to larger figures for all.

If you are looking at a website for your small, local company, or trying to find out how to make your site more successful, use the Search Engine Optimisation ideas that not only the larger companies do, but are easy to do for more local communities:

1. Get yourself on Local Business Listings

One of the most basic steps toward effective SEO is creating accurate business pages on major search engines. From Google to Yahoo, each platform should list correct contact information, pictures, maps, and a Call To Action to grab people’s attentions. There are also many directories based around your city, area, State or Province that you can find with searches. If they are free, get on them.

2. Keep your Content Fresh

To ‘engage’ prospects and customers is part of the entire SEO story: Attach a blog page for your site, and connect the site to all Social Media. This is an integral part of their strategy for gaining better ratings, and increases visibility on search engines. Make sure your content is always updated, and be a friend – not sale-oriented – on social media. You are here to be you, not your business.

3. Look after your Links

You must link your site to others, but not all links are equal. Focusing on quality, make your website easily accessible from outside sources, and share links through social media and in all company email to build out your networks.

4. Remain Active with Your Audience

Post, link, like, follow,  snap, share and do anything you can to link yourself to local experts, heroes, and other businesses. Make it a daily job to check in on your networks, and grow your audience out with out of area specialists that can lead you to more and more links. If they are trustworthy, and have something in common with your business, these are great links to get and share with others.

5. Details, Details, Details: Web Pages

Be clear in your web page layout. What is each page about? Describe it, show it, and add collateral such as pictures and graphics to illustrate your point. Don’t confuse visitors. Can you give more details? Do so: Company history, your history, opening hours, all of your contact details. Ensure they are correct, readable, and in the right place. Categorize your details on the pages where they need to be.

These five tips will help you get your website in order, in public, and in view. We will address some other advanced, but easy ‘must do’s’ in a future post, to offer even more tips to add to these. Get into the habit of doing these tasks daily to get you started in local SEO.