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What did you do this Summer, and can it help you now?

beach_in_summerSo, summer is over, and we are back to the busiest months of the business year. Do you feel rested? Are you ready to face the challenges to come? Here are five points that a lot of effective business leaders spend time doing during the warm, slower months to ensure they are ready to go. If you haven’t had the opportunity to perform these tasks, perhaps there is time for you to start them before things get really busy:

1) Inspire Yourself. Are you still following the same online experts? Reading the same blogs? Everyone has their favourites, or gurus, but change things up occasionally. Perform a couple of Google searches to see who else is out there that you aren’t following, or a different business subject, and see if these newer experts can inspire you.

2) Get ready for next year now: You are about to get busy, so being proactive about changes you want to see completed by 2016, had better be approached now. If you have projects to complete this year, make up an action plan, and see if they can be completed in 30 days. Three of these take you into Christmas (What?), so get started on these tasks to clear the decks.

3) Sort out your contacts: Who have you added to a contact list this year, and are you learning more about them? Sometimes we make so many contacts over the course of a year, we never get the opportunity to see where those relationships go if we deepen them. Cut the dead wood, meet some new people, and learn more about your contacts that ‘make the cut’.

4) Try something new: When you are busy with the day-to-day, and running your usual routines, you don’t have time to try something different. Have you read or heard about something you want to try? Make a brief steps list on how to implement these – and do it! No prevaricating. Your window to add different routines are closing.

5) Look after yourself: Most Summers you get out and do something different; walking, Yoga, less phone calls, gardening. How can you still give yourself these mini-breaks over the winter? The weather may be against you, but I know someone that takes a turn around a shopping mall, when the weather is too bad to walk around the park. Giving yourself the opportunity to blow some stress off will give you a much more relaxed busy season.

These are simple things to implement, but they become more successful if they are part of a plan in May or June. However, you can start them in September at least from a planning point of view. Enjoy your Winter, and inject into it some of what you did this Summer.