How to Successfully Publish Online

WritingAlthough we always tell you that ‘Content is King’, nothing trumps the story that you tell, the information that you share, and how you showcase your expert status, a recent ‘Linked In’ publishing survey shows some very interesting facts about what people like to read.

Think about how many blog posts and articles are published on Linked In, the business-based social media site. Of course, we are following a lot of writers here, as part of our online branding exercises, and the amount of published work is truly enormous: Think of how many people you are following, and groups you belong to, and how many articles are you notified of daily? Now multiply that by a factor of twenty for writers and publishers such as us – not including the articles we ourselves are adding to the number.

Any kind of survey based on the amount of written and published work that this site emanates is worth looking at, after all these are great business writers with a lot of fans, right? Well a recent survey on thirty thousand ‘liked’ articles on Linked In show some very interesting trends that you would be good to run your next article through. If they do well on such a widely read and respected community such as this, these points will obviously add to the impact of your posts on other sites, too – including your own.

Your title should contain 40 – 49 characters, and you should include 8 images. Those articles with this number of images in them are shared almost three times more than those with less. Don’t rely on video-pictures produce more shares, and the optimal amount of Headings you should use is five. Also, don’t rely on a question in your title – they perform worse than straight statement headings.

Your article length should be between 1900 and 2000 words, and you should remain neutral: Just report the facts, don’t come down on one side of an argument – let the reader read what they need to. These two points together guarantee you over 100% more views than any other article length, and by staying neutral you have almost a 75% chance of more shares.

Don’t get too technical, because the most shared articles are easily read: in fact you just need to be eleven years old to understand the best shared posts – and also, you need to be liked. Simply put, the more likes you have, the more your article will be shared by others. Finally, publish on a Thursday. More posts are read from Thursday through Sunday than any other combination of days of the week, and this is consistently proven.

Not only trying to match these facts and figures, but testing your favourite writers’ articles through these filters probably shows the same things: Successful posts ‘look’ and ‘feel’ a certain way to readers, before they even start reading them. It’s time to ensure that yours fall into this category, too – and these points prove what you need to do!


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3 responses to “How to Successfully Publish Online”

  1. Thomas M. Watt says :

    Good advice, thank you for sharing.

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