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Be the Writer you want, by Thinking like a Publisher

tired authorWhile we often say that sharing your blog posts is vital to maximizing spreading your message, we now have access to figures that prove this in the most bald-faced way. People like to learn, and the invention if the 500 word+ bulletin, leads to more people reading these posts. In turn, this has led to Blog Aggregators that collect the most popular posts around, and repeat them on their site. In a virtually exponential way that almost defies logic, some of these aggregators have grown their own sites to unbelievable levels of support that, in turn, prove to everyone that wants to be published that theirs are the sites to go to.

How incredible are these figures? Well, some if these repeated content sites now have readership figures that outdo newspaper print figures.  The world has definitely changed, and sites like Buzzfeed received almost 155 Million unique visits and over 100 Million in the USA alone in one month earlier this year. Not only do these figures beat every newspaper figure in the world, they also beat other online aggregators that are way more famous.

Everyone now has the ability to be a publisher, and imagine what these readership figures can do for your written content! But, how do you get your posts on these sites? You must market your content like a Publisher, not a writer. You must think like the people that have the opportunity to re-post your content, and the links that go with it.

Firstly, follow the tips that everyone recommends you make: the headline, the prose style, the use of pictures, grammar and verbs – all of these may take some time to master, but they are the launching pad for your posts. Without them you won’t get published anywhere.

Secondly, bear in mind that you must have a body of work. Just like writers of all stripes, those that can be relied upon to come up with their style of unique, readable copy will always be first in line. You need to have a writing history behind you, before you can start being ‘an expert’. Luckily, the more you write, the closer you are coming to that elite level. Every publisher will want to know what else you have written, and where it has been published, so stick to it, and keep going. Practice on Social media for the right headline, the right picture, the correct length, and watch how your visit figures change.

Remember that the only true ‘warriors’ of writing are those that keep on going, no matter what. Even sites like Buzzfeed will tell you that under half of their posts reach 10,000 views. Even if that figure is unheard of for you, it gives you a target to aim for. By the way, only 0.3% of total posts reach over 1 Million, so there is definitely an elite level, here.

Next, find out who these writers are, and follow them in Social media. Read everything they write, and try to break down their posts to find out what it is about their writing that makes them so readable: Similar detective work on the publishers that publish their work will how who they like to publish and what style and subject matter they like. You can find these large-scale aggregators in all business areas, so a lot of digging will need to be done. Thankfully, of course, they will be easy to find – they all be on top of Google searches!

So, think like a publisher, do the right thing, and become a most readable writer – it will make you the expert that everyone wants to follow.