10 SEO Techniques for Local Businesses – Part 2

local-business-graphicIn our last post, we showed five pointers to a better website, optimized to the local community where your prospects and customers are. They were simple ideas all aimed at making your businesses’ website easily found, organised, and optimized.

For those of you looking for deeper, more advanced level optimisation techniques, either check these out, or get your webmaster to do so, and ensure that your businesses’ window to the community is firing on all cylinders:

  1. Tempting Title Tags

Your best URL is one that explains exactly what your business is, but Title Tags are the best way to give your prospects a complete sentence on what that page of your website is all about. They also mirror your anchor text as it will appear in linked text, so think about what you do, and where, then make sure your title tags reflect this. You have a maximum of 70 words, so you have ample opportunity to add two or three: Hardware Store in Central Chicago, for instance, directs those that need your service to the top of their search results.

  1. Let the People Speak

Make your site accessible to those that want to contact you. Not just E-mail, and perhaps a chat box, but if you write a blog, ensure that those that want to reply to it, can. Customers are impressed when businesses’ talk back to them, we have all heard of the positive comments a “real person actually spoke to me” comment shows. Ensure you start from day one doing this.

  1. Grow your Networks

Ensure you are becoming part of growing communities online, so that those that appear on your various social streams grow in terms of size. Starting with the geographic community you are selling in or to, and the various sub-sets of communities that may shop with you, grow to larger scale Professional Organisations, Industry leaders, larger industry partners, vendors, and customer support groups. Everyone on your social feed should reflect your business as part of a trustworthy, bigger whole.

  1. Just Picture it.

Photographs, graphics, maps are all very good, because, of course ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

If you can find a reason to place a pictorial, rather than words, do it – but make sure everything looks good: Sharp pictures, bright colours, and exact matches. Check out the business sites you like, and study the pictures they use. They explain, and illustrate a point, but they look professional.

  1. Goldilocks Optimisation

If you try to seed your site with too many keywords, if everything is pointed toward the sale, search engines will smell this, and start marking you down. Be clear, point prospects to your services, but don’t oversell. Be a real person first, someone that prospects will find interesting, and ensure that anyone that bumps into you online gets the point, but don’t hit them over the head with it: be a person, be an expert, and be real.

Not too much of a salesman, not overly shy, but be Goldilocks: Just Right.


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