How the One-Man Band beats the Symphony Orchestra

one man band

If you’ve ever struggled to develop your business’s presence in today’s major content channels, you aren’t alone. In fact, it appears to be such a Sisyphean task sometimes that many small companies either cannot find the time to start an online branding campaign, or keeping it up when they are getting no responses. Here are a few tips on using your time and your branding vision, to its utmost to gain the highest success rate.

Firstly, concentrate on creating your own quality content, and forgetting ‘what’ other businesses are doing, only noting ‘how’ they are doing it. There are lots of ways you promote your business, but remember that it’s yours: Your idea, your vision, and your future customers and evangelists. Forget the clever, eye catching, ideas that others have. The chances are that they aren’t even in your marketplace, have your prospects, or have your ideas. Just because something is better than you can do, it doesn’t follow that our prospects will have the same positive reaction that you do to these branding points – you are looking from a creator’s point of view, they are browsing.

If you don’t have the staff, or the outsourcing possibilities that other companies do, you could have a march on them. What? Yes…you don’t have to come up with an idea every day, because that’s part of your contract, as a marketing specialist employee. You don’t have to take part in endless meetings, brainstorming compromises, or endless focus groups. Quality trumps quantity, and you have the opportunity to find the time when you post, the content, and how you approach your prospects. You can change direction, throw something new into the mix, and change things up without having to ask for any committee’s Ok to do so.

Check out the auto posting services, organisation tools, and auto-response systems that are on the market these days. Not only are you the sole marketing department, you are also in charge of the budget for your business, so find out how you can automate your content marketing to make the most of your imaginative branding efforts. Is it worth it? While you are making a face-to-face sale, you could be gaining the interest of a prospect, and be in both places at the same time! Whether social, or the result of networking, ensuring that you maximize the time that you have is worth the outlay (especially when these company’s offer free trials) to do it all at once.

Finally learn how to listen to what your prospects are saying. Don’t get too excited about actually receiving a like, or a follow. Find out why the positive reaction came, and hone your marketing to keep attracting the Ideal Customer.

When you are “time-poor”, don’t think it’s too much for you. Learn how to do what you need to in a streamlined manner, and use the right tools to do so. You will compete in your marketplace, and can concentrate on closing the sales that your Branding efforts will bring forward – just give it time.


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