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We received a lot of comments on our last Linked In post, and most of them are concerns about the size of the site. As soon as you become a member, you are inundated with connection requests, and the more you accept, them more ‘come out of the woodwork’. The first reaction, of course, is “Can I be that popular?” So, is there a pattern that you can follow that ensures you maximize your connections from Day One. Or, is there a way you can cull and slim your existing Linked In family?

It is true that Linked In is an incredible tool. Reliable figures show more than 150 million registered users in more than 200 countries and territories with 21.4 million monthly unique U.S. visitors and 47.6 million globally. So, when do you accept, ignore, and respond to invitations to connect?

I look at Linked In as a two-way mirror. If you became interested in someone‘s services that you ‘met’ in this massive networking event, you have the ability to check many details on them, including whom they are connected to. Too many questions that arise when you see this list, will definitely make you think about linking with this person – and the same is true of your connections list. Bear this in mind when you check on your own connections, or a readying yourself to join Linked In for the first time

What is your Strategy?

You don’t want to splash around in this huge pool without too much of an idea why you are there, so think about what you want to achieve, make the target as inclusive as possible, and aim everything at that target. Ask yourself, how do I want to be seen? As an expert, that posts and answers questions lucidly, and based on your entrepreneurial, or experience talents? Or as a beginner that is looking for information?

What is your time commitment?

However you want to be seen, you want to be able to fit it into your daily, or weekly, calendar. Come up with the time that you can spend online reaching that strategy. If it’s an hour a week, or five hours per month, then aim your posting and connecting at that time frame. This trains you to finish thought processes, and be as economical with your information sharing as you can. You don’t want to hook someone with an idea, and then not get back to them for a month – everyone is suffering from the same time deficit, so they will soon forget you. Be clear, concise, and log out giving you plenty of time to get back to your other tasks.

Who is your target audience?

Once again, this comes down to your Value Proposal and your Perfect Customer. Performing searches based on these two benchmarks show you companies, groups, and individuals that fall into those categories, and those alone. Limit your searches to those communities that can help you, and don’t rely on ‘the bigger, the better’ rule. The more contacts a company has, or the more members a group has doesn’t automatically mean that all of these people are good for you. Perhaps they are ‘wanderers’ simply looking for the largest communities they can – don’t become one of those. You will soon be inundated with contact and information requests that completely fill your time commitment. Make your time pay.

Your Connections.

Do you know the people in reality? Do their connections include someone you have met as a real life human being? Do you like them, respect them?

If you don’t know them, do their profiles offer you something that you need, or you admire? Do you have something in common with them. Can you see yourself being connected to these people in reality? Can you do business with them? Do you aspire to be like them for whatever reason?

What groups and companies are they connected to? Can they help your business, or can you add to these group’s knowledge base?

Finally, check out their invitation. Is it personalized to you? This means they want to get to know you. A regular template response means that they are usually connecting ‘en masse’. You don’t want that.

These are simple rules to follow that you will soon get accustomed to. Linked In is a one-of-a-kind resource, but only if you put thought into it that will help you, your business, and your contacts. As with most other marketing tasks, a little forethought saves you a lot of possible problems down the road. A little preparation will ensure that you gain the right people in your contact list, and enjoy trading valuable information with them.


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