How to Use Linked In to Market your Business

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You may have looked at Linked in, and wondered if it ‘counts’ as Social Media, then you are in luck – it does. If you have thought that it is purely professional, and can’t help you with sales, you are very wrong. It is a massive database of professionals, but it features people in our industry, and in your sales areas. Even if you don’t sell directly to these people, they are in a position to pass the word along for you – they are also in a position to add your business details to those of experts and influencers that write on there. In short, you should open a business page on Linked In, and here’s how to maximize your page.

Firstly, this page will not be the same as your individual profile but, just like Facebook, you can link it with your own details. So, complete the usual ‘fill in the blanks’ and create your business page.  You will need an e-mail address to attach to the profile, use a corporate one, not a ‘hotmail’ address.

Now link your company page in your Current Work section on LinkedIn, you can cross promote your company to you. You’ll also show up as an employee of the company on your company page. It goes without saying that all of your Company officers that have their own profile should also do the same, thereby spreading these links across multiple pages. In fact, they can also ask their friends for recommendations and shares.

Your Business profile needs an Administrator, so ensure you know who this is going to be, and what their responsibilities are. Just like other Social media marketing avenues, you will need to be adding or editing details on this page, so ensure you know who is responsible for what.

Obviously, you will need to give some thought to what photographs you add to your Business Profile. As always check out what the competition are doing, and try to do something different. Perhaps a CTA (Call To Action)? You can add three, so make them count in a different way from your personal profile pictures. You can change these repeatedly, too, thereby freshening your page. Don’t forget your logo, too – it will appear next to your work section on LinkedIn and it will be shown on your news feed when you update your page.

Of course, Keywords on LinkedIn are very important!  How you use these keywords are critical to who finds you in searches. Think about your Unique Proposal, how about your Mission Statement, or any kind of motto that you have. You can use both short- and long-tailed keywords, so make sure you maximize this marketing area. Of course, you could also try to work semantically, too, here, to see who these words attract.

Do whatever you can to maximize the Special Skills area, too. What do you do, how and where do you do it, what do you focus on, what else happens in your office. Imagine that every special skill you can highlight will attract many more people, so complete it as much as you can. How can you make your business ‘ultra unique’? Use all of them.

Add your business page to all of the business groups on Linked In that you as an individual belong to. If you can reply to someone, answer a question, or add a blog post, imagine what everyone will think of your business when they do it? Instant expert status! There will also be groups suggested to your page as great fits – join them all, the more the better. In fact, start your own group off! Business pages allows you to do that. Make sure that if your employees and officers are members of groups, to add the business page to them, too. The amount of possible associations grow and grow!

Don’t forget your Products and Services. These are shown on the right-hand sidebar and, of course, the more you can add, the better. Be overly simplistic on this and add as many as you can. You can also add contacts, some  You Tube videos, and descriptions, so this is a great area to market. Don’t forget to offer a special promotion, too, just for your LinkedIn prospects. In fact you can also ask for recommendations, which are just like testimonials, so you can highlight how great you are. This is important, because these recommendations also appear on the recommender’s profile, so you will have a permanent record of those think you are the best.

Finally, don’t forget to link to your own website, and ensure that this can be seen on that website. Of course, share everything ‘both ways’.

Linked In gives you a great way to market your business, but most businesses don’t optimize their own business profiles. Do these simple tasks, and you will be able to successfully share your message to prospects and strangers alike.


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