Five ways to Differentiate your Business from All Others.


In order to be successful, your business needs to stand out from everyone else. It’s a simple quote, but how easy is it to actually achieve? While there are many ways to ensure you stand out, there are five basic rules that you must try to follow. Obviously, the steps required to go from start to finish are manifold, and may even take changes in the way your company performs it’s everyday processes, but by keeping the following things in mind when making your changes, you will be on your way to truly standing out.

1.         Differentiate through Technology

Can your business utilize the way that people use technology, and make it easier for them to do what they have to, to enjoy your product or service? If you have ever caught yourself saying; “If only our customers could…..”, or “If only we could……..” By thinking outside the box, and bridging these gaps by utilizing some online code, almost all companies can showcase their difference from their competition.

2.         Differentiate through Price/Quality

We don’t want our customers to go for our goods just because they are less expensive than anyone else’s in the marketplace, but if you can differentiate your products from your competitions through  a combination of Price and Quality. Your customers will rave about how good you are at what you are doing, ‘at the price they are doing it’, you show that you care about your fans more than the other guys do.

3.         Differentiate through Product

What makes your Product stand out from anyone else’s? You may simply need to highlight unique features that you offer, and no-one else does. Anything that shows your product value will be remembered by prospects, and loved by customers.

4.         Differentiate through Service

There are limits to what businesses can offer through their customers, but the way that you portray it can make a huge difference. Do you really believe that a certain Insurance provider’s service reps suddenly appear out of nowhere when you sing the company jingle? Of course not, but in one clever campaign, the company drill that jingle into your mind, and simultaneously show that they are always on call – something that no-one else is doing. How can you work harder, or smarter, to show your prospects that they are better off going with you?

5.         Differentiate through Experience

The technology available today offers an experiential component to their experiences that yesterday’s products simply couldn’t. How can you show that the experience of dealing with you is a much better one than your competitors? Is it easier, or smoother? Work on how your delivery systems can be changed to provide an unforgettable experience.

These areas overlap, and sometimes run in tandem with each other. If you can think of companies that do any, many, or all of these points, they are probably one of the best brands in the World – that’s why these work. It doesn’t matter if your business is one of many on a busy commercial street in town, or one of Millions on the Internet.

Can you turn your company into a favorite brand?


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