Is it still worth advertising on Facebook?

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There have been a lot of Facebook rumours concerning how they make money, and what happens to your Social Advertising. While any changes take some time to show any kind of pattern and long term effect measurement, your concerns about business advertising through this avenue of Social Marketing may create some uncertainty about how to continue. Well, here are some facts that we know, to put your mind at rest, and offer some ideas about how to continue with Facebook.

Firstly, Facebook is a business, and makes money not only through its advertising, but also to change for a service. There is nothing earth-shattering, here. The only difference is that there is a perception that something you got for free is now a charged service. Although this isn’t strictly true, it is a reality: they have changed their business model, and now some contacts that were attracted to you will take a charge to recover them. Let’s get over that and look at what Facebook Business Marketing can give you, not what may have been ‘lost’.

Since 2012, organic page reach has been decreasing. Industry insiders say that as of February of this year, it may be as low as 6% of all results. This applies to pages across the board: A huge brand with millions of likes, a community organization page or a non-profit, this dip in organic reach will affect everyone.

Is it worth the time to continue with Facebook? Does 6% of your total still make sense for your Marketing Model? This will be your call. Do you have a sliding scale of likes, follows, shares that continues to rise? Are you also in touch with other platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, etc? Are your posts liked at all?

Have become accustomed to paying for Facebook Ads and sponsored stories? If so, how much are you spending compared to your own Key Performance Indicators and return on Investment plans?

Whether you are a small or large-scale advertiser, the real question is does your content attract people? In all of these cases, if your figures are rising, or a ridiculously low outlay per sale (Some Multi-Nationals state that it costs 25c per sale that originates from Social Media – that it still a world beater when compared to other advertising methods over time.). If your content is working, your figures are rising, and the costs are lower than anywhere else, then Facebook still works for you. Just like the rest of Social Media, you are not going to rely solely on these contacts for sales, it is a cut-price way to get your message out to others. Why wouldn’t you continue?

Too many entrepreneurs concentrate on the wrong things. Don’t look at how companies’ business plans change and how this may affect you – look at what is happening right now, and how you can use the avenue. Get a plan to check on this on a regular basis, such as once every six months to see how things are changing. How is your monthly spend on this kind of marketing changing, and at what point do you say: “I can’t afford this anymore.”


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