Your Most Important Community – it doesn’t change.

GlobeWe speak a lot about ensuring that your all of your communities are aware of your company existence: To continue to look for new niches in which to market your company content, and that everyone in that community is aware of what you are doing, for whom, and why. A good example of this are your professional communities; those organisations that you are part of. You can get great traction from written content to people that are in the same business as you, and welcome hearing what you are going through. Is this letting ‘the competition’ know about your secrets? No, everyone that is in your business is struggling just like you. They would welcome hearing about changes that you have made in your business, and would pass your words over to others, if it is well written, engaging, and useful. By starting with the website of your professional organisation, you can be guaranteed to gain an audience for your marketing, and spread from there.The same can be said for your existing customers. Those that have bought from you in the past, and are happy to hear about what you can offer them next, as you cement your relationship. Likewise, your prospects: These people or companies have been interested in your service before. Just because they didn’t buy then, doesn’t mean they are not interested forever. This is a great way to continue your marketing to them at a low cost in finances and time. But which Community is it most important to advertise to? It’s your geographic location (Or the location where you make your sales.). it has never changed, your sales neighbourhood is the best place to ensure that you are talking to. This has never changed, so make sure that you are covering this area regularly with useful, well-written, and engaging content that reminds them of who you are, and what you do for them – be a good neighbour!

With that in mind, let’s point out some simple things you can do to ensure that this most important community is being broadcast to: The handful of tasks that you can do once that ensures maximum coverage:

Ensure that your physical location is noted in as many possible places your community is mentioned. Perform several Google searches on your city name, it’s geographical location, it’s events, and any other place that it is being broadcast. Be creative, and get your physical address in front of some eyes. Combine these searches with your existing customer base, or your projected perfect customer base, and see who is in that community and why.

Simplify your business. Make sure that you don’t become too creative with what you actually do. Be one thing, and be the best at it. Ensure that if there are any trade notifications, or codes that Government and other communities tag your business with are identical. Streamline this, and everyone coming to you will know exactly what you do.

Get an individual owner-verified Local Plus page. Google is still the boss, so ensure that any time that you are mentioned on it, it leads to the one comprehensive page on a google platform that is 100% correct. If your Local plus page is correct, Google knows exactly who and where you are. All other online paths that Google leads to, leads to this, and the spin-offs through the Google network multiply exponentially with the exactly correct information. It shows that you are real, close by, are proud to market your service, are full of real people, and can help others. People will already trust you, and this could lead to a sales lead.

Only use a handful of keywords. Don’t repeat them too much (Keyword Stuffing), and don’t use your company title. You are a (type of Business) in, or for, (Geographical location). You can use semantic terms to vary them slightly, but don’t try to cheat your way to more keywords. Everyone likes the statement: “Hi, I’m…..” as an introduction. No-one appreciates “Hi, I can help you with your….”, and excessive keywords send this message. Aim to be more creative, not adding business streams to your base.

Your local community is, literally, where you live. By using intelligent marketing techniques along easily recognisable avenues, you can show the most important community that you have exactly who you are. The results will be immediate and welcome.


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