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Extending the Blog Conversation

Posted on September 29, 2011 by mahanjkIn the real estate industry, blogs have become more and more important. Any back-link check on realtors in geographic areas show a list og blog posts from different realtors that have been doing it for a long time. How do you come up with something new weekly?

Most importantly, you will go through a learning curve early in your copy writing ‘career’, when you will find it difficult to stick to one theme. You will always try to open a different paragraph with a different idea. If you start filling these ideas away (I.e. cut and paste them out of your current document ,and put them on the next available page.), you will find that all of these different ideas will become blog posts in their own right.

Secondly, you will learn to listen around the office and to your prospects in more detail, and will receive all kinds of ‘conversational gems’ that show how many people don’t know a fact, or how an upcoming ‘left turn’ in your industry, or your communities might change things in the future. These become blog posts, also.

Almost any new piece of information that come across your desk can be used as a starting point for your imagination to start a post with. You will soon be showcasing your knowledge (and becoming an expert to those that don’t know.), and your passion (which leads people to think that you like to help people. Everyone loves those people.)

The more you get used to promoting yourself, you will find ‘likes’, “+1’s”, and ‘follows’ from people that like what you write. Who are these people? What similarities and differences do you and those people have? How do they all connect together, who else can I attract. It is the sharing by other people that really matter to you, because they are doing what you want then to – sharing your news. So…return the favour, and grow your online community. Watch as it inevitably leads everyone back to your offline communities, and then watch howm many people you did’t knowl but wanted to, join the pack.

It’s not inevitable, but – if you are an expert – it will happen. You can then use them as a sounding board. I recently asked a group of realtors that I don’t personally know, what they are writing about right noew. Guess what – they told me!

  • Agents write about their pets
  • The answer to questions posed to them through e-mail
  • Recent conversations with other agents
  • Cover local events, and what they did in them.
  • Real-life sales pitfalls

There is an inexhaustible supply of subjects. I bet tat you have had some ideas from just using this. Give yourself a year, and start with one blog post a week. See how far you get and, in a year, count how many new ‘friends’ you have both online and in real-life.