The Real World

IMG_0244So let’s put all of these ideas into action! I have been writing for a little over a year on growing your business utilizing Internet Marketing, but it has all been somewhat theoretical until now. An opportunity came my way this past week that allows me to put all of these plans into action, so for Year Two, I shall concentrate on one project, and share with this blog all that goes on, on an ongoing basis. If you think that your business is tough to market for, then please check out ‘Walter’, and let me know if your problems can be helped.

I visited a local tailor last week. I have lost a fair bit of weight over the last couple of years, and decided to change my current wardrobe, rather than buy more. My wife was shocked, but I was serious: “By resizing all of the suits that I have, and donating what I don’t wear, I can gain wardrobe space, help someone out, and look good. Plus, I will never have to buy any more clothes ever again.” I have used Walter before, but it hasn’t been for a while, and while I don’t have the kind if money that he wants to do this job, I can pay him on an ongoing basis for two months, and build him a website, and try to get him more customers by getting him online as payment in kind.

Why? Because he is a talented artisan that will save me money. His work has been great for me before this. He needs more business, but doesn’t know how to get it. I can help someone, while he helps me. Perhaps this rings a bell with you, but he knows nothing about online business, doesn’t have a computer, still has a phone with a rotary dial, and depends on a sandwich board outside if his store – that is hidden away inside an inside mall. He’s like a great secret that I can help by spreading the word.

He also is in a sunset industry – one that has been taken over by quick fix stalls in the mall, and anonymous back room workers. No-one appears to appreciate his talents as a renewer, alterer, and tailor. My first suit is 20 years old, but hasn’t been worn very much over the last ten – you could say that it’s new. It was also expensive at the time, and wasn’t ‘off the rack’. In my first fitting, he has dropped it by 2 sizes, and I know have a waist, and pants that hang naturally on top of my shoes, not from my hips. I can find my waist, and I have a shape to me, now!

Today is my first sit down with him, where I explain about internet marketing, and how his business can grow. I’ll see how he reacts. Look out for the Walter the tailor website

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