Holiday Cheer for your Marketing

Turkey Funnies

Perhaps the greatest part of having your own small business is making your own Marketing decisions. After all in today’s online world (And, increasingly, in traditional marketing), the relationship is just as important as the product. Holidays give you a great opportunity to think outside of your average working day. For instance, this week is Thanksgiving and, on the way into work this morning, I started to think about how much people are looking forward to both the day off, and the chance to connect with other family members – sometimes for the first time in a long time. Everyone is the same. So, if everyone is thinking about it, jump on that band-wagon , connect with people who are interested in the same thing, and be the person, not just the business marketer. I started making notes, and this is what I came up with:

  • Is there a Turkey drive, or a similar charitable campaign in your company’s geographic area. Offer to support it through Social Media, write a supportive piece, and start pushing it out among your contacts.
  • Is there a special parade or large-scale local parade? Plug it.
  • Are you decorating your office this week? Tell everyone, take pictures, and post them online. Who can outdo you? Lots of pics of happy staff:  Let everyone see YOU!
  • Have a quick ten second competition in your office for the best of Mother’s recipes for thanksgiving. Who’s got the best tip, the best three line story? Then post and tweet it, and buy your office winner a coffee for it. Take a picture and post it.
  • Spread the word that you are thankful for your business, your vendors, customers, and any other supporter. Remind everyone of your Holiday opening hours.
  • Just wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! It’s the simplest of all marketing ideas, but one that makes you appear as if you are thinking about your customers, vendors and staff. Do it first, and create new connections as these thoughts are passed on (Especially if you tell your contact to!).

In one morning’s work you have promoted your business, pictures of happy staff, thanked everyone, informed them of when you are opening and closing this week, and made yourself the fulcrum of your communities, whether online or geographic. You have mentioned your staff, vendors, customers, supported ocal good works, and passed on personal information.

All of this makes you the most treasured people online – One that has as service, one that recognizes what is important to people, and takes time out of their business day to talk about something that is on everyone’s mind.

Out here, I have been in the office for an hour, and I’m posting this on the blogging sites my business belongs to. I’ll be back to answering e-mails by this afternoon. If it’s too late for you….save this blog post for the Christmas holidays. Then do the same thing! Happy Thanksgiving from all of our team to all of yours.


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