Putting Social Media in it’s Place

For anyone looking to expand their field of leads, online marketing sure is confusing. In an effort to help, from the point-of-view of someone that uses it successfully, it’s time to put Social Media in its place for the Small or medium-sized Enterprise. Here are five tips to help any small business focus on what is important:

1. From Facebook to Twitter to Google+ , how many of your possible sales pool members use them, and what for? If they are not on them, what is the point of tryting to connect with them. Do some online research about online presence from your communities to decide where you should promote yourself.

2. Foursquare and Facebook location updates . This is a great fad at the moment, but is your busienssa fit for this? Just because you are two doors away from a ‘happening’ place where people hang out in the evening, is this your lead pool?

3. Crowdsourced discounts, Groupon and LivingSocial . Is this really what your perfect customer would be using? Ask them before copmitting.

4. Very soon you are going to hear about ‘the next wave’ like Shopkick and Armadealo . Are they worth it? Check what they do and if your sales leads will benefit from having your name out there.

5. Yelp, Service Magic (now HomeAdvisor), and Angie’s List . Even if your clients are there, will the option of an online citation work for your model?

It’s all part of knowing your client’s habits, likes, and preferences, and chasing them down using those clues. Social Media is a great advertising medium, but not if your clientele isnt using it.

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