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Time to add yourself to the Plus

ImageWhen Google launched their social media site, Google +, people may well have been forgiven for thinking “What – another social network?” This, however, is no Facebook clone, and the fact that it is run by the Internet’s Behemoth in search makes it very important for your business to be on there. Here are a few reasons why:

Google now own almost one quarter of the internet browser market and almost three quarters of the internet search market, and they are catching up in mobile, owning almost half of the smart phone market. Google integration means that they can now add your social profile to the rest of their virtual properties – and this is good for you.

Your business is already on Google, through Business Places, maps, as both questions and answers in search, your G-Mail account, and perhaps even You Tube. You may even use Google Docs, as we do. Very soon, Google + will be integrated into all of these, making it more than likely that people and businesses will be the subject of multiple touches along the Google recognition path. This is exactly what both Google and you want. You can open personal and business profiles, too, just as Facebook offers. Author Rank is a system where you can now tag all of your online writings and posts with your name and title, including a picture, making you more apparent to a=everyone that surrounds you, including those you know socially on Google+

Google+ Circles and Communities make it easy to file your contacts away in areas that you can speak their language: Whether it’s Internet Marketers, Barclays Premier League club supporters, or Urban gardeners. You can send bulletins to these collections of contacts only, or multiple groups incredibly easily, meaning that your profile is seen as one that has lots of information to give on a variety of subjects that all count toward your ranking as an expert – doling out fresh information on many subjects repeatedly. You can also Hashtag (#) subjects and reply to those under a different search, thereby growing your circles and communities exponentially. You can also use the Explore tool (Similar to Twitter’s Trending view) to catch up on hot topics as they break across the entire network.

Hangouts are immediate, and real-time group get-togethers, almost lie a virtual ‘Meet Up’, but without the Starbucks coffee!  up to 9 people can video chat at once, share YouTube videos, create art, play games, or collaborate on a Google Doc project. The latter, of course, also makes it a workplace based virtual meeting place.

Of course, we have all heard of recent privacy issues, and how much of a big deal they are on other social networking sites. Google has established a ‘Data Liberation’ tool in Google Plus, where in just a few clicks you can download and permanently remove all your personal data and activities from the site. So while Google itself now ties all of your Google interaction together, it is your choice what you share with others.

All of this means higher rankings. Because now, everything you do is included in Google Search results which give you a bump up in the rankings making it easier for others to search and find you.

Although we are in early stage development for Google+, it is growing exponentially, so join this network, and grow you online presence faster, using the tools that Google have provided for you. It’s a great, and fun, way to get noticed by even more people.