Another Small Business blog?

OK, take a deep breath and relax. This is not another Business Guru who makes more out of selling his advice than running his own business. This isn`t another: `Just sign up for e-mails, and get the best advice from someone who`s been there.`, or `Just send me $99.99, and I will cure your woes.`. It`s not even about “mindset`.

I am working for a web design marketing company, dealing with over 40 small business clients, that all want to see their business rank well online, in order to capitalize on their markets. In other words, in a wide array of business models, I am partly responsible for their business getting recognized. I come across the same problems for these entrepreneurs everyday. In fact, answering their questions and promoting their business is simply a case of listening and asking questions. The answers are remarkably similar and, as business is going so well, and my library of blog posts are getting to be popular, I thought that there is no harm in `sharing the message`. I have seen that the answer to lots of internal problems with many small businesses can be answered not by an outsider, but from within.All people need is a clue to where to look inside.

This also helps me, my business, and my clientele to get noticed and read. If any of these ideas can help you, then I have `spread my net`, and another circle of happy folks is added to my core audience. You may even share these ideas with others.

Feel free to comment on any of the posts you like, or disagree with. I would love to find out if these ideas have had any impact on your business. I have started this blog in March 2013, so this is what I mean by `current`. I am keeping an eye on my workplace – the `net – for any changes or updates that come along, so I hope that you will find up-to-the-minute assistance for your small business, which is on the way to becoming a big one! Enjoy.

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